Grundfos SCALA1

an image of the details of SCALA1 water pump

Grundfos SCALA1

Smart water pump for homes & gardens

Built to Last

SCALA1 is a fully integrated all-in-one water transfer pump, that’s suitable for all home types and family sizes, it can also withstand the desert climate, due to the nature and aluminum high-quality composite material, ensuring durability and lack of leaks.

Noiseless Device

The Grundfos SCALA1, takes into consideration your family’s utmost comfort at home, It operates silently, in fact, it’s probably more silent than your coffee machine. This is possible due to the specially designed magnetic, water-cooled motor.

Enhanced Features

SCALA1 offers enhanced features that give you and your family peace of mind through its premium application, which contains key and critical functions such as water leakage, dry-run, and max-run alarm systems. Grundfos Eye notifies the user of the status of the pump. This is done through a simple yet effective method of flashing green, yellow and red lights, aimed to highlight whether the pump is running, running but needs attention, and finally, not running due to a critical alarm.

Grundfos Smart Features

Starting today, the control and monitoring of your home’s water usage are within arm’s reach. Now users can monitor, detect any warnings and leakages related to their water pump. The application also offers a calendar function that allows you to schedule your pump daily and weekly operation via via external input.

SCALA1 also features

SCALA1 is suitable for all home types and family sizes and is easy to install and operate. It’s recommended for residential water transfer from break tanks and ground tanks, increasing water supply from shallow wells and irrigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the most frequently asked questions about the SCALA1.

Service contracts can be secured with our Authorised Service Partners in your country. 

Our standard warranty is for 2 years.

SCALA1 is designed to withstand the severe temperatures (up to 55C) of the desert climate, however we do recommend using a pump cover for installation in the Middle East.

You need to be close to the device when adjusting the setting, however, the pump will continue operating as initially programmed.

SCALA1 IS made of high-quality alloy and composite materials that can withstand elements, ensuring sustainable water consumption.

Where to Buy the SCALA1


M.A.H.Y. Khoory & Co. LLC.

Salah Al Din St - Al Khabaisi

Dubai (00971) 4 606 7300


Areej Trading Est. WLL

Salah Al Din St - Al Khabaisi

Dubai (00971) 4 606 7300



Arabi Company W.L.L

Salah Al Din St - Al Khabaisi

Dubai (00971) 4 606 7300

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