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Welcome to Grundfos Homes

At Grundfos Homes, our mission is clear.

Providing families with long-lasting sustainable and smart water solutions, we focus on transforming basic water use into a one-of-a-kind unrivalled experience that is centred on comfort and convenience.

Published: 29/08/22

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Need?

Did you know almost 30% of total household water is used for outdoor lawns and gardens?


Published: 01/09/22

Travelling This Summer? Here's How to Keep Your Garden Green

Bags? Check.

Tickets? Check.

Keys? Check.

Light switch? Off.

Gardens? Watered.

But wait…

Published: 05/09/22

How to Fix Low Water Pressure

If you’re suffering from low or fluctuating shower temperatures, slow filling toilets or an increase in energy consumption in the home, we have a solution for you.


Published: 27/09/22